The Perfect Blend Of Home And Hotel. That’s Apotel​

about apotel

What can I expect from Apotel ?

Unparalleled Stay

When you stay in an Apotel holiday rental, you’ll enjoy high quality accommodation AND five-star services and concierge offerings.

Unmatched Excellence

Impeccably maintained complexes featuring luxurious amenities including a sparkling swimming pool, state-of-the-art gym, and exceptional restaurant.

Activities Made Easy

Explore, Book, and Indulge in an Array of Activities. Rest assured, we have everything covered for your memorable experience!

Seamless Reservation

When you want to enjoy activities or a day trip, hire a car or bike, book a restaurant or a table at your local beach club, we’re on hand to help you make the reservations.

Mix the comfort of a holiday rental With a splash of the quality & services you expect from a hotel stay

Ultimate Luxury
Dreamy Slumber
Culinary Convenience
Unparalleled Leisure


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